Mergers & Acquisitions: Counseling and Choice of Method

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MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS: Counseling and Choice of Method describes and analyzes the current state of law in Europe in regard to some relevant selected elements related to mergers and acquisitions, and the adviser’s counsel in this regard.

The focus is aimed and maintained at application and functioning of provisions of European federal corporate law and internationally accepted principles of the law of obligations. This book, however, is not about clarification of the reasons that urge for M&A operations, nor is it about judging the outcome of the transactions. It is about synthesizing, on the one hand, the methods of M&A and, on the other hand, several selected key elements. Any participating party – as well as their respective advisers – must be aware of these elements prior, throughout, and after the transaction: consideration, succession, taxes and fiscal neutrality, group-related issues, holding-structure issues, employees, stock exchange listing issues, and corporate nationality.



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